GPLNZ Factsheet

It's not easy getting straight answers from the greyhound racing industry but the GPLNZ is dedicated to getting the tragic facts out in the open.

Missing Poster

Greyhounds are amazing dogs, but gambling interests treat them as disposable.

People who race dogs are in it for some quick cash. They will say "There's not much money in it at all" but they would say that wouldn't they? Why else would they risk their animals safety? Greyhound racing has evolved into a business where owners act like company shareholders, and trainers act like the company CEO. The dog is merely the investment. When that dog is inevitably injured and is no longer going to make those shareholders money, there is little if any sense of obligation to care for the animal like an actual dog. This business model is cruel, heartless, and totally irresponsible.
Deadly Injuries

Greyhound racing kills greyhounds, and the industry doesn't want you to know.

It's not just trainers who kill greyhounds. The track is a very deadly place for greyhounds. Despite countless deaths, racing enthusiasts continue to put financial gain ahead of animal welfare, having deadly consequences for dogs. There were 38 declared deaths on NZ racetracks in 2011. For the 2010 racing season there were 43 trackside deaths. Since we exposed this callous activity on 60 Minutes, the racing industry has stopped being honest with the public about the number of deaths inflicted upon greyhounds. These were only the deaths the industry was willing to declare. There were likely more.

Drugs, violence, people above the rules, people above the law.

Greyhounds are tested for drugs, but the incentive to be ahead of the game is great. Industry participants regularly claim the authorities are not genuinely interested in stopping drug abuse of greyhounds. Exposing the crooks would cripple the industry. There has been Amphetamine, Morphine and other drugs detected in racing greyhounds. There are also violent incidents at races, verbal abuse, standover tactics. There was a stabbing at a race meet in 2013. We have case files that show illegally built racing kennels. Enthusiasts think they are above their own rules, and above the law.


Bad Business

Derelict kenneling, neglect, it's a miserable life for greyhounds after the race too.

Once no longer fit for racing, greyhounds face a miserable life if left with trainers. An SPCA investigation into 18 greyhounds in a state of neglect led to 5 being euthansed on site because their condition was so bad. Others were euthanased once surrendered to GAP. A combined Grey2K USA/ Farmwatch investigation into a tipoff involving one of NZ's top trainers revealed deplorable living conditions. Racing enthusiasts have very low standards of care. The GPLNZ recently rescued a greyhound from a pighunter. She had been given away with a broken leg and used for breeding despite this injury.


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