Whats wrong with dog-racing?

Dogs chasing a lure around a track might seem harmless enough to watch, but it's what you don't see thats the problem.
Greyhounds racing evolved from hunting hares to a full-blown gambling industry and not in once in 100 years has their welfare come first.

Missing Poster

The quick and the dead.

The racing industry are determined to stop the public from finding out whats happening to greyhounds. Despite having immaculate record keeping for its business activities, the racing industry is has not sought nor presented clear and accurate data about what happens to hundreds of greyhounds annually, even at the governments request. We know many are being killed. Enthusiasts have already confessed.
Despite widely promoting gambling, the racing industry doesn't want you to see the horrific big picture.

Deadly Injuries

The first bend is sometimes the last.

Commercial racing activity is extremely dangerous and while the industry seeks to maintain a concientious and caring image, the death and injury toll remains high. Greyhounds will continue to suffer inhumane outcomes when placed in unsafe circumstancess for no genuinely legitimate reason.
Because the inhumane consequences of dog-racing cannot be separated from the act,
we assert that the industry should be banned for humane reasons.
To race dogs, is a very poor judgement call to make in terms of their welfare and protection.

Bad Business

You bet, they die.

Driven by the New Zealand Racing Board, TAB business is creating an industrialised cycle of cruelty for greyhounds. Service agreements to provide races almost every day involving up to 100 dogs each day are encouraging irresponsible breeding and a large population of greyhounds with no future.
When the greyhound asset instead becomes a liability, the TAB business model encourages disposal.
There's simply much more demand for race winners than there are for spent and exploited greyhounds.



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