The facts.

Numbers bred are sourced from industry body Greyhounds Australasia and the NZ greyhound racing industry funded WHK welfare review.
The number of greyhounds named is listed here. The WHK report indicates that 35% of greyhounds born do not reach the stage of being "named".
That means the number bred, is considerably larger than the number named.

Numbers imported have been sourced from the Australian Govt under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Dept of Agriculture export records).

Outcome statistics are from Greyhounds As Pets, HUHA, and the NZ industry funded WHK welfare review, and have also been slightly increased to reflect the small amount of rehomings from other organisations.

Its GRNZ who can't say, or won't say where most greyhounds end up. However countless anecdotes and investigations confirm their culling.

This isn't our information. This is NZ racing industry and Australian official government (in the abscence of reliable NZ import data) information.


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