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Media Coverage.

We have over the last few years exposed greyhound racing's shortcomings via New Zealands most respected Media outlets.
It takes a lot of effort and teamwork to get animal advocacy stories into the media. We are very proud of what we have achieved.

If you are a media professional or student, we would love to hear from you.

3rd Degree: Shocking new greyhound revelations
60 Minutes : Let me entertain you

3 News: Calls for inquiry into greyhound industry
3 News: Inquiry launched into greyhound racing
3 News: Greyhound inquiry called for

Radio New Zealand: Concern for wellbeing of greyhounds

Sunday Star Times: Hounded Out (PDF Download)

New Zealand Herald: Greyhound racing is cruel too
New Zealand Herald: Racing dogs to be tracked from birth

Animals Voice (SPCA Magazine): The quick and the dead (PDF Download)

SAFE Website: Greyhound racing, uncover the facts Greyhound racing a bloodbath Greyhound inquiry plans slammed Greyhound Bosses want own industry probe Protestors train their sights on greyhound awards Greyhound racing deaths being "covered up" Welfare lobbyist's Canine Census More deaths hit dog racing Greyhound Racing puts its case Petition for track dogs

Upper Hutt Leader: Dog Petition

Hutt News: Where have all the greyhounds gone? Special interview with Tania Penafiel Bermudez of Speak Up For Animals

Red Flag Magazine: Flag#12, New Zealand

Wanganui Chronicle: The first bend is sometimes the last

One News: Top greyhound official resigns amid doping concern Dog racing oversees a third death in as many days "Go the red dog" leaves racing industry red-faced Drug testing positive, "The tip of the wrong iceberg" Horse racing deaths highlight cruel gambling activity Greyhound Racing collateral damage "Sickening" Two deaths in one race renews calls to ban greyhound racing Animal welfare advocates present petition

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