Adopt a greyhound

Adopt a greyhound!

There are a number of greyhound adoption organisations in New Zealand. Some specialise in just greyhounds, others are general animal rescue, helping dogs and other animals.

The most well known is the Greyhounds As Pets charity, who in 8 years have rehomed over 1200 greyhounds. While thats fantastic news in its own right, unfortunately GAP perpetuate the problems of greyhound racing by having a code of conduct that prevents volunteers and employees from speaking to the public about the negative things that happen as a result of racing activity. So while GAP do save lives, their strong presence and profound silence about the source of problems greatly impairs our ability to educate the public about whats really happening to greyhounds.
A lot of GAP staff and supporters have direct links or involvement in the racing industry too, many with vested financial interests.

GAP do however have a very long list of greyhounds needing homes, and they are just as deserving as greyhounds from any other group.
Check them out on Facebook or visit their website.

Southern Cross Greyhound Adoption: This new group emerged from the "Greyhounds Down South" organisation with a new board of trustees. Based in Southern New Zealand with active support team across both main islands, SCGA are non industry affiliated, so you can adopt from, foster for or donate to this organisation knowing that you are not supporting an organisation that endorses racing. Vist their page on Facebook.

Southland Greyhound Adoption: Some of the Greyhounds Down South charity went on to create a second independent Southland greyhound rescue group. They too are non-industry affiliated and offer a second option for greyhounds in southern New Zealand.

HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) are based in both Otaki and Upper Hutt region. They have rehomed over 40 greyhounds in the last few years. Known well for their successful campaigning against party pill testing on animals (along with the New Zealand Anti Vivisection Society), they have cemented their reputation as one of New Zealands most successful animal rescue centers. Whilst they haven't campaigned on greyhound welfare and protection at all they have publically stated their concerns about the treatment of both hoses and dogs in the racing industry.

Hounds For Homes are based in Canterbury and describe themselves as "Racing Neutral" They are an independently funded (non industry) organisation and a registered charitable trust.

ARAN (Animal Rescue Action Network) are a grass roots rescue organisation and registered charity. They have taken in a range of animals and have assisted us directly. ARAN are not afraid to speak the truth about greyhound racing.

Fostering greyhounds.

All of these groups rely on foster carers to help greyhounds make the transition to normal dog life. Fostering a hound is often the most rewarding part, because you get to see them transform from an animal used for racing into an animal that just wants to be a dog! We highly recommend foster caring, it is one of the most rewarding experiences that life can give you, and it can be a lifesaver for a greyhound in need. Please contact one of the above organisations if you want to give it a go or contact us if you want some help finding an organisation thats near you.


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